Surf Pro 9x Braid 300m


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9X Superior Fishing Braid

This Braided fishing line is made from high quality PE and DYNEEMA material with 9 strands.

As well as being extra tough and resistant to wear and abrasion. It also offers excellent knot strength.

Zero Memory & Stretch

Custom smoothmax 9 braid has been specially crafted to have zero memory, meaning it is highly resistant to distortion. On top of that, it also has zero extension for higher level of sensitivity. Letting you feel even the slightest bite from fish. You’ll soon see your catch ratio shoot up!

Low Water Absorpsion

Our Braids are made with a special parallel weaving technique and coating that can effectively prevent water absorption.

Less Friction Through Water and Air

The special parallel weave technique also allows for the braid to cut through the water faster having less friction through the air results in longer casting distances.


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